Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Old Jakarta Through My Cam

The Atrium
Ancient Bank Indonesia Building which has been turned into Museum nowadays
Classic, Warm and Magnificent

Under Patronage of The God
The stained glass which show Hermes, the god of trade in the Greek mythology 
and three emblems of important trading cities in Java
Surabaya, Batavia and Semarang

Oude Stad-Huis
The Historical Museum of Jakarta also known as Museum Fatahillah
in the ancient time, this building is a city hall (in dutch : Stad huis) of Batavia

 The Birth Certificate
it's just like a birth certificate of the old-city hall building of Batavia, this wood sign inform us when the city hall started to built and when its completed

Six Faces of 'Old Nusantara' Great Explorers
the pictures of Marco Polo, Admiral Cheng Ho, Juan Sebastian del Cano, Alfonso d'Albuquerque, Cornelis de Houtman and Sir Henry Middleton

The Great Messenger of Zeus
Hermes, The god of trade and patron the boundaries and commerce in ancient Greek mythology
Historical Museum of Jakarta

The Corinthian
The columns in classical corinthian order, present the beauty of the art-deco style in dutch colonial era. De Javansche Bank (now: Bank Indonesia) Building - Jakarta

Yes We're Open
"Geopened op: maandag tot vrijdag 07.30 - 14.00"
"Open : monday till friday 07.30 - 14.00"
Dutch Bank display exhibit in Museum Bank Indonesia

I Watching You!
Classic stone-carving on the window decoration, a harmonic fusion between western art-deco style and traditional Indonesian ornament which form the face of traditional guardian in Javanese folktale- Museum Bank Indonesia

Guardian Lion
The lion holds shield, Historical Museum of Jakarta

In the dungeon of ancient batavia stad-huis, show us the ball which is used to be attached on the prisoners foot to make them difficult to move

Le chien sur les marches
This little dog is loyal to give full attention to people who passing by the stairs for hundred of years till today..maybe not only to us, but also to Deandles, Janssens and Van den Bosch

The Famous Cafe
Batavia cafe, well known as the high class cafe in the jakarta kota..unique cafe with a classical atmosphere of the old stad-huis and fatahillah square will make everybody want to take a picture in front of the cafe although they do not enter and eat in

Wall of Fame
the unique decoration of Batavia Cafe interior, full of photo's frame which show us so many famous people..and guess where this picture was taken??


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