Friday, 19 November 2010

Confusion in Post-Graduating..

Graduate is always be the most beautifull moment in someone life. finished everything about study, task, exam and all of the school's business make someone feel very free and happy for a moment, especially when they realize that they already have a rights to add some title on their last name. because that very big happiness, almost everybody celebrate their own graduation day, with all kind ceremony and party. but..after those all celebration, after those all days of happiness and crazy party has ended, what next?

welcome into your real life! actually, the days after graduation  is a hardest time, when someone facing a very new experience. still thinking and seeking about what kind a people they wanna be and gonna be on a few next year? still searching about what kind a job that gonna make them happy and joy? and also everybody start to thinking similar thing, a one thing that known by money..

the magical thing, money, belived have a power to attract happiness, to make all of their dream come true and also make others impress about amount money that their gather. who doesn't want to be a rich? everybody does..but not everybody know and see the money from the right side. money isn't the objective of our work, money can't bring an eternal glory and happiness, and money not always make us just a tool to doing something,which only useful when used and spent for some good reason.

a vision,the most important thing that we must have when we started a new-graduated life.  vision of life. what kind of people we're gonna be in next 10 years? how many "social benefits" that we share with the others? what will people say about us when we've died?. when we already know what is exactly our vision is, we should to take some step and risk to reach that vision with a great spirit and passion, so we still feel happy when we face some challanges and obstacle in our life.

just find your true passion after your graduate time. don't work on a job which you only love the money that you will gather from that job. work ideally, happily and keep our flame of spirit to achieve the goals. countinuing study or jump down to a professional career life are  have same benefit for us, both of them are the right choice, with all of theirown consequences.

just like a long simple journey of travel, our life is a very long time journey which is we also plan where will we going to on every single day of travel time. we decide that we want to go there, there, and there. also want to see that, that, and that. prepared from a long time before the departure. and when in the middle of the journey we find something interest, or feel exhausted and tired just stop for a while,  take a deep breath and sightseeing, drink a cup of water, and eat some snack, but the destination still there, and we must reach there with all of the effort and spirit.

and don't compare yourself with the others because every single of us has his/her own destiny and nothing to be compared with. just enjoy your own life and every step of your journey to reach your own dream. pursuit your happiness (not just money), be yourself and confidence to decide what you really want.


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