Sunday, 7 November 2010

BALI (part 5): the Fifth.."The Last and also the First"

Le Temps, "the time", always running forward to reach the future, bring all of our story and memorable moment in the past time, and push us to always face the next side of our life. like a novel, our life is also devided to so many chapter, when one chapter has been finished, the other chapter always begin with its own part, uniqueness and challange.
The fifth days for us in Bali, but this is the last day in Bali for my bestfriend Hilman who wes start his first day as employee in the one of national company in Bandung on 1st of November 2010, the ideal step for a freshgraduate like us. just one week after the graduation, he started work to the one of established national company, that's a great achievement.

have a looked to our plan, that morning. our trip seems faster than our plan. today's plan is GWK, but we've already visit GWK. after have little conversation with Mr.driver, Dian, we decided to go to Kintamani to look the great lake and mount of Batur. about 2 hours driving from Kuta to Kintamani, the weather was little bit rainny along the journey but fortunatelly there wasn't rain anymore when we arrived in Kitamani.

The View of Batur

today's recomended restaurant is Batur Sari. mountain view restaurant which provide a gorgeous and perfect landscape of mount and lake Batur. the food, is expensive of course (much alike when we ate in some citylight view restaurant in Bandung) but very delicious!

Lunch in Batur Sari
the feast
View from the top

first, we planed to go to Trunyan village on the lakeside of Batur, but according to the internet (that i've read on the way to kintamani), to reach that village we should take a boat and the one-way voyage will spend aproximately two hours, and when we asked to the restaurant's waitress about that village, she said that the village is far to reach and we should hire a professional driver too. as usual, we never satisfied if we only stay on this restaurant, we still search about another tourist attraction near this restaurant.

Pura Ulun Danu Batur, another hindu's temple dedicated to worship the lake,sea and water god/goddess. this pura (and also batur village) originally built on the lakeside of the batur (like the other one Pura Ulun Danu in Bratan) but when the eruption of Mount Batur several decade ago the pura has been destroyed by the vulcanic erruption then the pura and the village is relocated to another location over the hill. this pura is also known by the second largest pura in Bali.

In front of three main (trimurti) padmasana, the black one for Siwa, the white-yellow one for Wisnu and the red one for Brahma.

Panataran Pura Ulun Danu Batur

to enter this pura, we must pay about IDR 20000 per person admission, and wear appropriate clothes complete with sarong, belt and also udeng-udeng (an traditional balinesse headband). very interesting to visit this pura, especially the peoples were preparing some ceremony on this pura when we visit.

after we finished oround the pura, this time for us to gat back to the city. Hilman's flight is on 6.35 p.m local time, and we still have time about two hours until the check-in time (4.35 p.m). the journey to Ngurah Rai airport took about two hours including the trafic jam on the Ngurah Ray Bypass. fortunatelly, we arrived in the airport on time. the suitcase was ready, say goodbye and Hilman is ready to go back to Bandung, facing his new chapter of life.

about 5.00 p.m we visit Mal Bali Galeria for sightseeing and waiting for the night's come, and then we have dinner on Cwie Mie Malang Restaurant, Sunset Road Bali.

-- special thanks to:
the waitress in Batur Sari Restaurant, for the information about the Pura
Mas Dio's Friend who recomended the restaurant
Google Map
Lunch, Batur Sari Restaurant. IDR 66000 (excl. tax) per person
Pura Ulun Danu Batur IDR 20000 for admission (incl. guide), IDR 10000 for udeng-udeng rent
Dinner @ Cwie Mie Malang, average IDR 30000/person
soon or later, our new chapter of life will begin with its own way. this day, our bestfriend, Hilman will face his own new chapter of life faster than us. just a little support and pray for the best that we could gave to him, while the rest of us still wait for our own time. 

whatever we will be in the future, we will always be bestfriend.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... Pak cocok kaya orang Bali lho heheheh :-)

Narendra Kurnia said...

hehee..bukan ki, kayak orang yang lahi ikut training apaa gitu..pake name tag n bawa tas kecil.hehe

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