Friday, 5 November 2010

BALI (part 2): Le Deuxieme Jour.. "Just Looking Around.."

Everyday is holiday in Bali..and that's true! it's feel like a very long time holiday during our trip to visit Bali, so many people around the tourist attraction although in this end of October (which is not a holiday season or any others festive season). it's not hard to meet a "bule" or others international tourist through the island, wherever they came..whatever language they speak...and then, slow but sure..we started to enjoy this island..

this second day, we started by looking around the neighborhood!, the Kuta region, which is the most famous beach in the island and also  sightseeing around the capital city area, Denpasar.

the alarm's rang! 5 a.m early morning..time to get up and take a pray! what's our plan today? i just wondering..for a while, i checked the previous plan that I've is a free session, a full day to looking around the beach under the shiny sunlight! just swimming and playing around the beach...wet, sweaty and of course--FUN! Kuta beach, with its white sands is a perfect site to relax and enjoy the free time , to forget a millions kilos of problem and all the "busy" things that we've leave there...a thousands miles Bandung..

after spend many hours under the sunlight, and our skin looks darker than before..we decided to go back to the cottage and then went around the city. oh my god!, half a day we've played around the beach with a thousands of laugh and joke make us feel extreemly it's the right time for lunch..mas Dio as our navigator (by his BB) asked one of his friend who lived in Bali to gave us a recomended restaurant for lunch (tasty and of course with reachable price). the "Ayam Banyumasan" with its expertice of fried Gurami..hmmmm..bravo! very delicious!.

after lunch..still looking around Denpasar, searching the mosque location by the traditional map and the modern one (google map + GPS from our smartphone). pray in jama'-qashar. a whole free day we've spend with looking around the city, be amazed by so many large statue of wayang and hindu's god/goddess (while Mas Hamie as our professor of wayang try to introduce some short history about the wayang figure on the statue that we saw).
denpasar in the afternoon, with its traffic jam, and so many traditional souvenir shops.

on the way back to Kuta, we had visit Populair batik shop on jalan raya Tohpati near the Batu Bulan Area..exclusive and finest batik shop and of course a little bit un-reachable to our budget. but i really feel happy there, cause il y a beaucoup de gens qui parlent français, avec tres meilleur accent!. still want to search some souvenir with reachable price? then we went to "Erlangga-2" for buy some souvenir from bali (songket, sarong, "baju barong", and others balinesse handycraft). fixed price but classified as a cheapest price. Hamie's friend told us that the Erlangga price is the lowest price that we will gather after a very long bargain with the traditional seller in the traditional market (i dunno that's true or not? but i's true..hehe)

 @ Erlangga-2 jln Nusakambangan Denpasar

finally, the sun goes down..and the night's time to back to cottage, we've dinner in the nearest "warung bakso malang" on jalan raya kuta.

second days..special thanks to..
Mustika n Yuan for lended us a usefull periplus Map
Google Map
Ni Putu Nitidara for the information about Bali directly via SMS
Mas Dio's friend and Mas Hamie's friend for a recomended eating and shopping venue
Ayam Banyumasan (jl.Nusakambangan Denpasar) avarage price for lunch -drink included- IDR 20000/person
Baso Malang (jl.Raya Kuta -- in front of indomaret) about IDR 15000/person


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