Tuesday, 21 December 2010

(don't) Write Everything on Your CV, (just be Honest)..

It is a common situation, when we have just graduated from the university and start trying to get some job, we will create a CV as a first requirement to enter the vacancy. there are several important information that we should write on the CV such as name, education, and other important experiences.
usually, in order to attract the company or institution which is asked to give a job for us. we start to write everything that we can write on the CV's paper especially which related to our skill. interestingly, when i read some CV example from friends or somebody else, they always write all the skill that they have received on their entire life, ignoring the fact that they are no longer could do that skill again or i rarely find some friend give an information that he/she is able to work with software A (for example) although they just learned that skill from one session of course (which no longer than 2 hours length).
when i asked them, "do you really can operate this software well?", they said "ahh..we used that software on X course three years ago, didn't we?", "yes i know,,but do you really still can operate this software well now?", "ohh..i can't, but don't take it so serious, the interviewer won't put us on the test about the software that was  written by us..". in the other hand,  on the last sentence of their CV, they always write "All the information above is true and based on fact".
hmmm..to avoid some misunderstanding which could happen because we still write the skill that is no really used properly or mastering by us, or sometimes that we have used that for some specific project so we only could use that software on specific feature. its a better way to add more explanation about that. just write; able to work with software X (experienced for some A methods and B Project) or skill B (basic). that's is more fair isn't it?


Mike Kelley said...

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