Thursday, 3 March 2011

Find the Bakery with Dutch Taste in Bandung!

Known as "Parijs van Java" or "Paris from Java", Bandung was a very beautiful and well-planed city in Indonesia during the Dutch colonial era. but, nowadays, everything is change..the city, the roads, the more "paris" in this city, just ordinary Bandung. actually, there are several site, building and bakery which still survive and exist until today, make themselves to be a cultural heritage and evidence of past greatness.

one of the most favourite place which survive from the past-era  for me is the bakery. Bandung has several old and dutch-style bakery in town which still preserve its original recipes and also the presentation style.

1. Rasa Bakery and Cafe
located on jalan Tamblong, this cafe is well-recognized by its homemade ice cream, bread and pastry. we could find so many kind of  dutch-style cake, such as poffertjes and margijpn with uniquely taste and shape. this cafe was renovated several decade ago, because of that the building no longer seems a dutch style art deco..but don't worry about the building shape because the interior of entire cafe still make us feel comfort, with warm and friendly atmosphere complete with several paris-style painting. so...just come in!

Rasa Bakery and Cafe

Margijpn (IDR 5500), Ice Cream (IDR 7000) and Poffertjes (IDR 20000)

Poffertjes with ice cream (IDR 20000)

2. Sumber Hidangan
in the heart of this city, jalan Braga was the most famous street in the city during the Dutch colonial era. recognized by its shops, bakery and also cafe, jalan Braga was an exclusive shopping point for the dutch and Indonesian noble family. located in this strategic and historical street, Sumber Hidangan, known by name "het snoephuis" in the ancient time,still maintain its bakery style which old and unique..sell many kind of bread, pastry and also homemade ice cream.

Sumber Hidangan

the cakes
feel hungry after read the information above? just come and try it! Only in Bandung, Parijs Van Java...


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