Sunday, 20 February 2011

When They Ask My Father..

"Eh, kumaha kabar si bungsu? denge-denge geus lulus nya? gawe dimana ayeuna?", the friend of my father maybe ask him by this question when they meet at a lunch or the other time now, which mean, "Eh, how about your son? is he already graduated isn't he? so where he's working now?". maybe every father will very proud if could answer that question by some information which notice that their son working for a big multinational company, especially oil and gas, or maybe some national company which is  sound so"crunchy" to hear along with a great reputation (and of course...salary!).not to my father, he never answers that question on that way...

me,  fresh graduated boy from this state institute of technology that people says "the best". i have graduated by a good GPA and have an equal opportunity like the other friends of mine to getting a job. but i have my own dream, I'd love to call it by "sacrificing for the sake of science",chose to stay on campus, give a tutor material on physics course, doing some research, and assist the student on their daily lab activities while applying to enter next step of higher education abroad.

although, sometimes many people ask me, "why you still here?" or "still enjoying campus?", but i know, this step will guide me to get my own dream and my own success, to be a great (not only a good) lecture, to provide the best education for my future students -- that's why I need to receive the best education from the best university on my near-future education--. whatever they will say and ask, i know and realize that this is the way that i really want in my life. sharing my knowledge, surrounded by young people with their young spirit, doing some research and also always learning about everything. i just love it..that's all.

so, i believe that how often my father will be asked by anyperson about that question, he will answers it in his proudly way, because he really knows about his son's simple-big dream and he will always support me in every single step on this long journey. "don't worry, don't you ever compare your self with the others, just follow your bliss and enjoy your life because we have our own pathway and fortune", he said.


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